Remove Paint Overspray from Car

Fine paint spray on windows Paint overspray on Audi grill. Fence paint over spray. House paint splatter on car.. Creosote contamination.

Overspray Removal

Modern paints are sophisticated and have exceptional bonding properties, meaning the overspray can be very hard to remove. But over the years we have seen just about everything from modern water-based automotive paints to exterior enamels, road paint to fence paint, varnish to glues and resins -- nothing has beaten us yet!

We can remove overspray and splatter from painted surfaces without affecting the original finish and keeping the warranty intact. We also remove overspray from glass, rubber and plastic without the need for repainting or replacement part, making huge savings over other solutions.

Paint vandalism on car.

Graffiti and Vandalism

More deliberate applications of paint are no problem either, even if windows have been smashed and paint poured inside. Although the need for replacement parts, or recolouring parts is more likely, we have many years experience in restoring paint damaged interiors and our service gives large saving over replace and refitting alone.


Bentley paint overspray Bentley Paint Overspray Removal This car was completely covered in a fine dusting of black paint. It was very hard to see, impossible to photograph, but it did appear a a murky film and felt rough to the touch.
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