Car Restoration Videos

A Fire and Smoke Damaged Vauxhall Astra A Fire and Smoke Damaged Astra This car was near a fire and was contaminated with smoke, soot and hot ash. This video shows how we decontaminated the car, removed the smoke odour and prepared the car so that all that was needed was there replacement of some heat damaged parts.
Insurance claims and Paint Spills Insurance claims and Paint Spills Many paint spillages can be cleaned up for less than the cost of your insurance exess, but it may be worth calling your insurance company anyway to see if you can keep your options open. In our experience they are usually happy to agree.
Bentley paint overspray Bentley Paint Overspray This car was completely covered in a fine dusting of black paint. It was very hard to see, impossible to photograph, but it did appear a a murky film and felt rough to the touch.


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