Concrete Removal

Chemical removal of cement and concrete is better than replacement, repair & repaint

We have over 20 years of experience in removing all kinds of contamination, and cement splatter is no exception. Wet or dry, we use a chemical process to dissolve the cement, which allows us to wash away the remaining sand and grit without causing scratches to the paintwork.

While we often treat single cars with heavy concrete splatter, it is not unusual to find that cement has splattered over 20+ cars. Depending on the extent of the contamination, some cars can be treated on site or, if need be, arrange for collection, restoration and delivery.


As part of our process, we document everything we do with video and photos as standard. We keep the customer informed every step of the way and can provide full documentation and reports as needed. 

Polishing out scratches

Paintwork Scratches

There is a temptation for customers to try and remove cement and concrete by rubbing it. The often causes the additional problem of scratched paintwork, so it is very important to leave this to the professionals. But in cases where scratches have already occurred, we are fully equipped to remove all but the deepest scratches without repainting.

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