Paint Spillage Clean-up in Audi Boot

The owner of this car had had a tin of paint spill in the boot of their car and brought it to s for clean up. We did three hours of work and then sent a video progress report to the customer estimating how long we thought we needed to finish.

Unfortunately, paint can stain trim, underlay, seatbelts etc, and so there can be diminishing returns. We usually get the worst of the paint out in the first few hours and often this means we have completely removed it from carpets, seats etc. At this point we also have an idea how long it will take to remove from plastic trim, which can be a little more difficult.

This car was done fairly quickly, which meant that the upholstery, which we had washed, didn't have time to dry, so we recommended a drying procedure where we pump hot dehumidified air into the car.

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