Diesel Odour Removal and Clean-up

Diesel contamination is one of the more difficult things to deal with. Much of the car is made from plastic or polymer, and diesel is a solvent which will corrode it. Softer plastics will absorb the diesel making it very difficult to remove, meaning it is more cost-effective to replace them.

There are no half measures with fuels spillages, even the slightest trace will emit an odour which is acrid and hard to ignore.

The solution is to clean as much as we can with detergents especially designed for cleaning fuel, and then fog the vehicle using a technique called paring.

You cannot mask a bad smell by covering it up with another strong smell, but you can pair it. You may have heard smells described by the perfume industry in terms of notes. When they create a nice fragrance, they are making a chord from different notes. This is what we do, by adding additional smells which are similar to diesel, but pleasant. In this case we use Kentucky Blue Grass which will blend with the diesel making it imperceivable.

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