Cigarette Smoke Odour Removal

Cigarette smoke odour removal can be a little bit more difficult than you imagine. The tar will settle on any hard surface, including up under the dashboard, under seats etc. And has can get absolutely everywhere, largely under the steering column housing, but if they drove with the windows open, it can blow all around the car.  Most assume that the smell got into the seats and carpet, and if they just have the valeters shampoo the car, it will get rid  of the odour.

We will detail the car with great care to remove all the ash and clean all surfaces. This will get rid of the bulk of the problem, but there will still be areas we cannot reach where ash and tar went. This is why we use fogging. The car is sealed shut, and a machine creates a dense fog of our chosen chemical which can reach every area inside the car. Often, dry fogging and wet fogging machines are used to impart a fragrance into the car, but we also use them for applying antibacterials, deodorants and even sealants.

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