About Us

We make cars like new again

Established in 1987 as a car detailing company, it was soon found that we could take advantage of the roof over our heads to take on bigger projects. We began with minor bodywork repairs and soon moved on to preparing cars for export and for return to lease companies, and then to restoring cars damaged by fire and flood for insurance companies.

In 2008 we changed the name of the company from Clean Image to New Again to better describe what our unique range of services can do.

Mission Statement

To maintain the feeling and experience the car-designer intended to give when the car was new. This in-turn maximizes the car's residual value and selling appeal. It's our mission to build a great team of people who are passionate about using new techniques and practical tried and tested smart repair methods, and bringing them together under the same roof to provide the following five services:

It's our mission to understand and to train our people to be experts in these services, and to make their knowledge freely available so that anyone in the world can benefit.

Emergency Restoration, Specialist Car Cleaning & Vehicle Accident Clean-up

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