Car Spillages

Removal of Spillages From Vehicles

We have many years experience in removing various kinds of spillage from vehicle interiors. While this is usually paint, we are also equipped to clean up fuel, milk, food and household products and the odours that often result.

Because we are able to clean and refurbish, we don't need to replace place parts, which are often expensive. Most interior parts are not held by dealerships because they are so seldom requested, there for they need to be ordered from the manufacturer which can take weeks.

Spillage removal - Act fast - call us for advice!

In virtually all cases, the sooner we can get to the spillage, the cheaper it will be. In the case of paint, it is much easier for us to remove before it dries hard. If you have a spillage of any kind we recommend you call us right away for advice, and don't try to clean up yourself as this can sometimes make the problem worse.

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