Example of Rodent Decontamination

 This car was brought to us by an insurance company after it was infested by mice, which were in the centre console and suspected to be in the roof lining.

Although we decontaminate the entire interior of the car, we do examine the car in detail so we can find out where the mice have been, in order to remove any droppings, use special treatments for urine (which is what probably caused the smell), ensure there are no nests and pups, and ensure they haven't chewed on anything.

Most rodents need to chew to wear down their teeth, which continually grow, and may chew on anything, although they are particularly partial to leather upholstery and the coatings on the wiring loom which is often made of sustainable and organic alternatives to plastic, such as soya. 

In case there is a possibility of live animals still in the car, we have a long-standing relationship with a pest-control specialist who can certify the vehicle is clear.


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