Mystery Fallout Removal

After using a product to remover the metal fallout and claying the car, we then began trying solvents to remove the splatter. We start with mild solvents and progress ever hotter products until we find something that works.

Unfortunately, we never found anything that works. This was likely some kind of lacquer which contains a resin to make it super-durable, similar to what they are now using to paint the Severn Bridge. Any product strong enough to dissolve it would almost certain damage the car paintwork. With the option of chemical removal closed to us, we moved to physical removal using dry sanding.

We carefully sanded down all the panels and then repolished them, and were able to save the bumper, bonnet and roof. This process is long and fairly expensive, but far cheaper than the alternative. This was a lease car and would need to be returned to the lease company. This could mean they would fail every panel, which was contaminated, charging for 'repair and repaint'. That would be very expensive.  

Although we didn't get this car absolutely perfect, we were able to repair it to BVRLA standards. We have our own BVRLA trained inspector on site.

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