Rodent Decontamination

We give you peace of mind.

It is not that unusual for rodents to get into a car, truck or caravan looking for something to eat. This is especially the case if the vehicle has been kept on a farm or agricultural area. The good news is that they generally don't stay for long and once disturbed, they don't stick around. But if the thought of rodents gives you the creeps, you'll want to be sure they are gone. No need to worry, we will take care of it.

We can arrange collection of the vehicle on a transporter, then our pest control specialist will ensure there are no squatters, before carrying out an inspection, and certifying that the vehicle is clear. We then decontaminate every inch of the vehicle with anti-bacterial and anti-viral products.

We are also able to repair or replace parts which have been chewed by rodents.

Other beasties

We have dealt with other kinds of infestations of wasps, spiders, ants, lady birds, bird and squirrels.

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