Removing Paint Spillage from Car Seats

The owner of this BMW called us when they spilled paint in their car. As it is far easier to remove wet paint than trying to clean it out once it has hardened, we advised them to cover the paint with damp towels, which they did.

It is very important to get cars like this to us as quickly as possible, and it is best not to try to clean the car yourself. If there is a big thick puddle of paint in the car, it will take a long time to dry which gives us opportunity to deal with it. Scraping it out just makes the paint thinner and dry more quickly. Wet paint can be washed out (which is what we do, but trying to wash the paint out yourself, will only spread it around unless you are using an extractor. It is generally best left to the professionals.

This video includes some of the progress reports that we sent to the customer. We document everything we do and keep the customer informed by showing them videos of where we are with the car. This puts the customer in full control of how much they spend.

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